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Hi! I am Frederick L. Donahue and this is my Testimony.     

     In 1970 at a Jack Van Impe Crusade I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. In the same year I was baptized in water. A little time later filled with the Holy Spirit of promise. The Lord and the Spirit worked mightily through me for many years. 

      I will put this bluntly, some place Satan and the cares if this world crept in. It was a extremely very cold feeling. You know where you belong but seems you have no way back. Lost is the best expression I can say for it. Your prayers won't get off the ground. You can't remember a scripture verse if your life depended on it. Well living in Sin has got a lot to do with it. 

      God said in scripture, Isaiah 59:2 - But your iniquities have separated between you and your GOD, and your Sins has hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

"Do you feel this way today?"

     All those years I would hear his small voice saying, I will never leave you or forsake you. All those years I was also thinking when is the axe going to fall. What disaster is going to happen. to get me back. The truth is the disaster was all ready happening. My life was turning in to a mess. A real chaotic disaster. Satan is deceiver a master at deception, But he has been beat buy the blood of the Lamb!!  "Do you hear what the Spirit is saying." 

"Do you feel this way today?"

     Going to church, well I was always thinking of it. I tell myself you have the house to take care of, then work and the Computer business not to mention 10,000 other things. You do not have time. (Satan again) Then my step daughter was mentioning that she was going to a Free Methodist Church. She invited us to go with her. Now I am thinking Hey, your Pentecostal a full blooded believer. They do believe the Gospel and they are a good fundamental. 

      Well we went. They sang a couple of great worship songs, took up the offering. Where's the choir? Then we sang for about one hour of all worship songs. During that hour I was in the Spirit. Some place in all this I was asking for forgiveness and crying I am home. 1 John says, "if we confess are sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of are sins." It seems I did this for a week and now I come before him always asking is there any sin I need to confess before we go on. 

     The pastor that night visited us. I felt so good talking about the things of GOD again. There is plenty more of Jesus now working in my life that will be talked about in other places in this Web Site.

Luke chapter 15 says it all, The Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son. says it all. I was restored as if I was never lost, I have a wonderful and meaningful relationship with him now.

Frederick L. Donahue

   "Do you feel this way today?"

If you do he will bring you home! If your here reading this for the first time click on this link

But my heart goes out to those who were like me. It is my prayer that you come home. If the Spirit of GOD is talking to you now. Let's get back in to fellowship with him. Make Him not just your Savior but Lord of your Life!!

Pray with me!

Heavenly Father, I come in the name of Jesus, I feel like Fred did, I to am lost. I want to come home. Please forgive me for my Sins. Strength me now so that I will read your Holy Word, Go to church and fellowship with other believers. I thank you and praise you now for your promise in Luke chapter 15 that you will restore me now! In Jesus name, Amen

If you prayed this prayer or you are a new believer and prayed the Salvation Prayer, Please write to us now so I can rejoice with you and say a prayer for you. If you have any questions please feel free at any time to Contact Us!

If you have a Prayer Request

Link to Luke chapter 15  for you to read and understand.

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