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Sheryl Nale
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Sherylís Story

     I remember the night my dad left.  I felt horrible.  My mother and two older sisters and I were so upset.  The happy family that we thought would last forever disintegrated that night.  We felt so alone, confused and rejected by our dad who we thought loved us so much.  See, our dad was a great dad when we were growing up.  He was an accountant, a mechanic and do-it-yourself handyman.  My dad took us to the library, watched our music concerts at school, and played with us in the backyard.  When we went on family vacations my dad was the designated driver and tour guide.  Home videos that he took in the past are cherished memories for us today.  Every Saturday evening, our family went bowling because our parents were a part of a bowling league.   My dad was a really good bowler.  Our childhood was filled with wonderful memories.
      Thatís why it was so hard to believe my dad could actually walk out on us.  That was when I was fourteen.  I was in junior high.  I was so embarrassed and ashamed, I didnít want to tell my friends.   It was a hard time for my mom and sisters, we had to pick up all the broken dreams and move on without Dad.  We were torn up on the inside, it hurt so much; our hearts were broken.  We cried so much, hoping Dad would come home and change his mind so that we could be one happy family again.  Problems arose from this one event.  We felt betrayed by my fatherís side of the family, so we felt we had lost family.  Friends that we trusted were not there to support or help us.  Banks and creditors had no mercy that we had just enough money to eat and not enough to pay the huge debt my father left my mother.  It seemed like there was nothing to really live for.  It seemed that we had lost everything.
      It was a miracle that we survived!  It actually started within a few weeks of my dad leaving.  My mom got a phone call from a woman that offered to help and pray for us.  She comforted my mom with the promises of Jesus.  She said that Jesus sees our hurt and sadness and that He can heal our broken hearts, all we have to do is believe that He loves us and trust Him to bring us through.    I knew about God, but I didnít know that I could have a relationship with Him. The key ingredient in any relationship is communication.  The easiest way is to communicate is to talk.  Praying is just talking to God and sharing our hearts and lives with Him. As I began to open my heart to God, He began to heal my heart from all its wounds and loneliness.   He gave me a sense of love and security and that He would take care of me and provide for our familyís needs.  Godís love carried me through a lot of hard times and I didnít lose hope that I could still have a happy life.  The most important thing that He told me was that He loved me and would be my Heavenly Father, that He would be there for me whenever I needed Him.  
Today I still feel His love and care.  I got through junior high, high school, and even college.  God really provided our family with all the things we needed.  We almost lost our house at one point, but God came to the rescue.  God always supplied what we needed when we needed it.  Iíve come to trust Jesus more and more with every thing in my life because He has never failed me.  Sometimes we donít understand why bad things happen to us, but God makes a way for us to survive and overcome.  Iím living today because Jesus gave me hope of a better life.
I just want to let you know that you are loved.  I donít know all that has happened in your life, but you are special and very important Ė especially to God.  You can have the hope of having a bright and happy future.  Believe in God and know that He believes in you.  He loves you.  He will always be there for you even when you feel alone.  God is the Best Friend anyone can have. 

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