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               A very important issue of Child Abuse
                 You think it can not happen to your child, "Think again!!!"

"Do you care, I do"
There is about 10 in Windsor and 50 in Broome County to many!!!

Go here to check on Pedophiles in your area by Name, County or Zip Code    Criminal Justice State of New York

If you Google, Yahoo or use any search engine you will have to pay for this FREE! service from NY

Do you have Good items you no longer need, Clothes, Shoes, Toys, and Household items just to name a few. I have put to gather a list of organizations who will take these items off your hands and put them in the Hands of people who can benefit from them. Some organizations sell your items like "The Rescue Mission" upper Front St. to feed the homeless and care for those in real need. Go to Great way Help!    



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Child Abuse in New York

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