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 A very important issue of Child Abuse


You think it can not happen to your child, "Think again!!!"

Does your Child Care, School, Church even your Organization implement a Child Abuse Program.   I am not talking about looking for abused children that's part of the program. I am talking about if they have checked out there employees, staff, teachers, members as Molesters, Sexual Predators or Pedifiles. I have a Reduce the Risk of Child Sexual II eBook in pdf form you can view online from the Free Methodist Church by permission of Reducing the This is top number #1 priority of the Free Methodist Church world wide. Reducing the Risk II.pdf if this link does not work well email me at this link contact me.

How about your friend or neighbor who takes care of your child? Have you looked up his profile online. There are Web Sites just for this purpose. They will even will tell you where they live in your neighborhood. I got to know?

"Do you care, I do"

Go here to check on Pedifiles in your area by Name, County or Zip Code    Criminal Justice State of New York

If you Google, Yahoo or use any search engine you will have to pay for this FREE! service from NY they even say it's FREE!! They are Adsence Web Sites they get payed for there Ad's and also want you to pay for a membership.
If your from out of state. Your state has a FREE! Web Site check there's out first.

Your Brother in Christ;
Frederick Donahue

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